Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random stories that enter my life and or entertain me

So I realize I've failed in my upkeep of this blog, but I'm determined to keep it going. To get back on track, I will comment on recent stories of interest...

1. Unemployment and Recession

Well, I'm feeling the pain with the rest of America. The other day I attended a Career Fair with my friend. We drove an hour to get there and it was too packed to listen to any of the speakers. Instead we formed a line to enter the conference room with hundreds of other people. After standing in a dark crowded hall for over an hour, we were finally all poured into the auditorium where there were only about eight companies. What positions were they offering? Sales. Making a sale in a recession borders impossible and when a sales position offers pay based on commission—well, that makes a sales job the most pointless job to seek out, especially when you have no training or skills in the field.

* Image from a Career Fair in Detroit

Also, about a month ago the newspaper I work out passed out WARN notices to all of its employees. It was such a sureal feeling. One of those things you read or hear about but never think you'll experience. "Like others we are suffering too...," It's never a good thing when a newsroom falls completely silent...

2. Social networking

I've recently joined Twitter and am still attempting to figure out the site, but it seems intriguing. Certain jobs ask that you have an active social networking life on Facebook and Twitter... so I'm trying. It's a good platform to share short ideas or links to Web sites I suppose.

3. Random

I think this AP Sesame Street interview is incredibly entertaining. "How did you lose control of this interview?"

Also, it seems as though the fat cat from this summer ended up in a happy home.

*AP Photo

*Career Fair Picture pulled from here

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration madness

*Out with the old, in with the new*

Election Day and Inauguration were field days for the media this election season. So in order to not repeat what you've already seen a hundred times, Obama's speech, or who wrote it, and so forth, I thought I'd share some inaugural stories from a young journalist.

Today I experienced the horror of any journalist, technical difficulties. I covered two events at two different schools with no photographer and because I have a camera-- I'm obviously being facetious-- I was supposed to take my own photos. That I did, until the end of the second event when my camera flashed the dreaded red screen reading "card error, to reformat card, press OK." DO NOT PRESS OK.

I know better because it erases the pictures, the only problem is getting the pictures requires data recovery and all other sorts of things a daily newspaper doesn't have time for. So plan B and C were set into motion and I managed to get photos from parents, teachers etc., but I'm sad that the little kids holding "hope" and "dream" posters, and the young woman crying while holding an American flag listening to Obama's speech are trapped hostage in my camera. It's beyond frustrating.

My other point of madness occurred when a Jersey City cop gave me a ride from one school to the other and the proceeded to ask me out. Are you serious? Wait, hold on, again, are you serious?

That all being said, I'm happy I spent the inauguration at a high school where today meant so much to so many.

*Pictures pulled from the Huffington Post

pre- Inauguration

The Mall looks like Times Square on New Year's Eve, except no one is drunk and more people are dressed in red, white and blue.

Right now, as I write, I know someone on a bus down to DC, wonder if he'll make it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Social media sites

Internet News posted an article about the role social media sites have in breaking news.

Do sites like twitter and facebook do a better job with breaking news? Possibly, only in that, if an eyewitness sees a plane crash and immediately updates their status on facebook seconds after the crash, well then, he broke the story, but that's it. There's no "who, why or how" to it. Maybe there's the answer to "where the incident occurred?" because he saw the event occur, and sure maybe he answered "what occurred?" simply by describing the event, but we all see things all the time,... that doesn't mean we always know the answers.

I think these sites are important to the news industry and to some degree helpful, but I still think news sites, AP bulletins and so forth do a better job reporting the story. But citizen journalism should not be discouraged. With the downfall/major reorganization of the news industry we're going to have to start relying and falling back on the everyday people. Because honestly, the news industry doesn't have the man power it once did. We can't be everywhere and anywhere. But people are everywhere and anywhere and if they see something amazing, terrifying, incredible happen, well, then, I'm glad they've taken it upon themselves to inform the rest of us.

My advice is don't discourage news via social sites, but always skim with skepticism when the poster starts explaining things he didn't see or when he starts assuming and drawing conclusions from thin air. Just look on, but look carefully.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plane crash into the Hudson

On perhaps one of the coldest days of the season US Airways flight 1549 went down in the Hudson River. The plane that just left La Guardia airport went down after hitting a flock of geese.

So far no deaths. Within 5 minutes of take off the flight went down. Can you imagine being on that flight? Luckily the pilot landed well in the river and they were close enough to the city to get help from officials.

*Gary Hershorn/Reuters
**AP photo

Monday, January 5, 2009

Video game recruits?

This is Ridiculous. Yes, let's encourage kids/ 18 + adults who might as well be kids to play video games and tell them the army is just as cool. Because as it's pointed out in the article, if you die in the video you start over, you die in life, you're dead.

Deception is key to persuasion apparently.

Well it's a new year with a new administration,... maybe they won't have to recruit as much. Who knows?

Till then, practice on your xbox and the army will tell you you're prepared for war.

* Picture pulled from here

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

here's to a New Year?

I keep saying 2009 has got to be better. My friends and family only inform me that life, the economy and everything else will get worse. What optimistic people they are.

On that happy note, I'll leave y'all with some crazy OTHER ways to celebrate New Year's Eve, ... other than the Times Sq. Ball and other than thinking about the recession. Yeah economy!

Check out this story,... it might just make you laugh...

*Allen Sullivan/The giant peach for Atlanta’s New Year’s Eve celebration is hoisted at the Underground.